Way to Fire Your Boss Number Two: Sell Your Own Products

If you’re a creative or just excellent at crafting things with your hands, you’ll love the first way to fire your boss: selling your own products.

Deep down, we’re all creatives but many of us fear judgment and rejection, meaning the greatest books ever written, movies ever filmed, and jewelry ever crafted only existed in the back of someone’s mind as they fought traffic to their eight to twelve-hour day job.

Let that sink in.

Does this sound like you in any way?

Okay, maybe you aren’t a writer or crafter, or maybe you just don’t think you are.

Come on, we all have expertise in something, right?

Do you talk about sports often?

Or better yet, did you play sports in high school or college?

Yeah, I think you found a niche right there.

Have you worked a job in the past that you loved?

Maybe you were a fitness trainer or better yet, maybe you just love hitting the gym and can’t wait to share your expertise with people but training them face to face makes you cringe.

Do you love vehicles and know how to fix them as well as any mechanic in town?

You know, there are a lot of us who could benefit from an online encyclopedia of ‘how to fix’ things before embarking on an odyssey which might cost hundreds in labor alone when our vehicles might just have a simple problem this entire time.

Worked around, say, compact cars all your life?

You can create a digital manual to help owners of compact cars fix specific problems. Heck, you don’t even need to be a mechanic in order to do this.


Where to Begin?

Honestly, there are several ways to begin, and the first is to help readers solve a problem.

Cars, fitness, how to budget, how to invest, where to invest, post-pregnancy parenthood, the list is literally endless.

Whatever your area of expertise, think about questions and concerns you’ve either asked yourself or have been asked and start writing in a way you’d talk to someone sitting across a table from you.

Not hard, right?

Write until you have about one to two-dozen sections completed. If the niche is fitness, I could talk about exercises for all seven muscle groups (back, legs, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs).

That’s seven sections.

I could talk about nutrition in relation to each body type (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph).

That’s another three sections, so we’re already up to ten sections.

I could talk about macro-based nutrition, which gives me another section.

I’ll keep going until I’ve hit my twelve to twenty-four points, and don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be novel-length. In fact, the shorter, the more powerful.


What About Crafting?

Sure, if say, you craft your own woodworks, jewelry, furniture, whatever your niche may be, follow the same pattern. You can sell your stuff on eBay, Etsy, and anywhere else that will allow you to ship arts and crafts.

The same goes if you’re vehicle-savvy and build engines. You can crochet, paint, do anything here to build your brand.

Even with hand-crafted materials you’ll still need a blog. While many believe it’s not necessary having a blog allows you to a) feature your own products and can be linked via affiliate networking to eBay, Etsy, etc., and b) will allow you to build a following.


A Word on Competition

Sure, now that we live in the digital age there’s competition in every avenue.

But that shouldn’t stop you from the fire your boss odyssey.

In fact, competition isn’t a bad thing and no, competition won’t keep you from making a full-time income online.

When there’s a lot of competition in a field or niche, it means money is being made there.

We just need an edge over such competition.

I’ll follow a cliche and state you “just need to make yourself stand out.”

How many of us have heard that one about a million times?

I’m sure you’re all raising your hands.

Usually, this is all the information you get, but I’m going to give you a hint on how to stand out from the crowd.

First off, you need to make yourself visible, hence the blog.

It’s true many writers, crafters, and even inventors lack a website, let alone a blog.

Why a blog and not just a website?

A blog is alive because new content should be posted at least once a week, but preferably three times a week.

A website is just static. Readers come and go.

I’ll be honest: most websites suck, but most blogs rock.

Ditch Corporate America is a blog.

The Helmet and Jersey Stop is a blog.

Lord of Columbia Series is a blog about a book series. My book series. My own product.

What if I just created a site called ToddMatthews.com, which doesn’t exist by the way?

It would consist of a list of books, a synopsis of each, and an Amazon link.

But nothing else.

So I don’t bother.

Whereas on LordofColumbiaSeries.com, I can talk about upcoming releases, how my current works are going, freebie releases so new readers can test drive my writing, influences behind my series, updates, and so much more.

I often post twice a week on Lord of Columbia Series and three times on The Helmet and Jersey Stop.

Blogs build a fan base and will retain a fan base.

But a blog these days isn’t enough, and that’s what I’m here to share with you.

See, there are still thousands of blogs in any given niche.

How do you make yours stand out?

It’s quite simple.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

Did a chill run down your spine when I mentioned SEO?

Don’t worry, because all you need is a keyword tool.

I use Jaaxy, but you can also use Google for free. Tools like Google Trends or even Amazon’s keyword tool are decent alternatives and they’ll at least give you an idea of what you should target.

So, how do you target keywords to gain an edge over your competition?

This is where it gets fun.

First off, you don’t focus on one word, but instead, a phrase.

For instance, my keyword phrase here is ‘Fire Your Boss.’

Notice it’s in my title.

It’s also mentioned in my first short paragraph.

I might mention it a few more times in the article itself, but ONLY to sprinkle it in.

What’s the big deal regarding keywords and proper SEO practices?


Put it this way; if Google finds your keyword, such as the one I mentioned above, and believes it adds quality value, it will index my page, thus my own products.


I’m indexed on Google, and yes, both Lord of Columbia Series AND The Helmet and Jersey Stop are indexed.

In fact, if you Google The Helmet and Jersey Stop, my site appears on the first page.

As your website matures and has been posting regular content, Google will trust it more and rank it higher, granting your products more exposure.

Something else Google loves is engagement.

So tell your friends and family to comment on your articles. Share your website on social media platforms and forums. Make it visible to followers.

Again, this is all in the business of selling your own products.

I know it sounds like a lot, but the process is really, really smooth and easy to learn.

I always recommend starting off at Wealthy Affiliate, as you will learn how to build a solid blog without wasting two years of your life trying to figure it out on your own, as I did before I joined in late-2018.

Three blogs later and an entire trilogy now on Amazon, I’m glad I went through their Online Entrepreneur Certification, which you can take part in the first section of the course for free with the Starter Membership.

Do this, and I guarantee you’ll have a leg up on the competition.


Pursue Your Passion

You’re going to hear, or read, me throwing this phrase around a lot.


Because the most important part of this journey is to pursue what you’re passionate about.

If you want to get into something “strictly for the money,” you’ll end up being as miserable as you were at your dreaded day job when the whole point is exiting that mentality.

So, whatever your talent is in crafting items, whether you’re a writer and author like myself or a musician trying to make a living off your music, pursuing what your passionate about will make work feel like, well, a lifestyle.

And we all deserve to live that lifestyle; we just need to get rid of the personal demons telling us, which usually starts with our parents, that the online lifestyle is not profitable.

If this lifestyle wasn’t, no one would be earning a full-time living from their own creations.

I’m an independent author who didn’t even need a publisher. One of my favorite bands is an indie band from the Netherlands doing the same thing, and their lead singer even crafts her own jewelry.

Full-time living.

Make it happen.



  1. Very germane discourse you have up here. Actually, I have a passion in sport, soccer to be precise. But, getting it to be monetizable in the long run has been my concern and the only limitation for me to get my blog up and running. I was told truly that I should engage my niche in what I’m passionate about but creating quality content concerning soccer is not a problem for me, but monetisation is a limitation. I just do not know how to break it down to be a micro niche. I would really want to be a self independent entrepreneur too through affiliate marketing too. Do you have any suggestions for me concerning my niche?

    1. Soccer, like any sport, can be down-niched in several manners. If you’re focusing on the game of soccer itself, you can talk about soccer drills and similar avenues. Or, you can focus on a specific soccer team or league, as there are tons of options in that regard. 

  2. There are so many people who would find benefit from your article. Many of us want to ditch the corporate ways to make our own way into successful ventures.

    I still have to fire my boss, as I have not found any specific products which I think will stand out online. Do you have any ideas on how a niche should be decided on when a person has so many interests?

    My mind is so confused at all that’s available to us online. 

    1. Hi, Jag, I would say to go with what you’re passionate about. It’s so easy to work when you’re building content on your passions. If you like, say, health and fitness, go with it, but always remember to target a specific sliver of the market. If I did this, it’d be men in their late-twenties, early-thirties. Just one of millions of examples. 

  3. Your advice to “pursue your passion” is so true.  I have a couple of passions, and one is becoming a success financially online.  I’m learning that it’s not easy, takes effort, and persistence, but I think that in the end it will be worth it.  I actually have 2 websites, but the second one I’m neglecting right now to focus on the MMO site.  

    Selling your own products is a good way to get going, I think, while you’re waiting for the blog to become a trusted site.  I”ve used eBay, and am still using it, because you can make money quickly.  Even so, it’s a learning experience even for that.  I think it’s cool that you have your own book series.  Are you successful marketing them?


    1. Hi, Grant, it’s definitely not easy. And yes, I can feel your pain as I have three sites, the other two I reference often here to give my readers an idea on what they can do with their respective niches. However, I’m finding the MMO niche to be my favorite.

      eBay is a great idea and I know many who might buy rejected goods from warehouses to sell on eBay and other platforms. It’s a great gig to bring in decent monthly income. 

      Marketing for any book series is slow to begin with if one’s a rookie indie author. The exception comes if one takes a few years to build a platform, but the waiting game there is building the platform itself. However, I have seen a steady uptick in sales per month, which will continue as long as my marketing efforts continue to find target audiences. 

      With a series, the more books available, the better as well, something else I’ve noticed in my own sales increases. 

  4. There’s a word of caution, guys. Before you finally quit your job and make it full time as an online entrepreneur, make sure you already have a sizable savings deposited in a bank to help you survive for several months building your online business. Learn from my mistakes, I resigned from my lucrative sales job too soon, only to find me doing mean jobs again just to survive.

    Or, wait until your business become so profitable that the cashflow coming in from the business supersedes the income you’re getting from your job. The moment it supersede the amount you’re receiving from your job, that’s the time you can consider going full time in your business selling your own products online.

    1. Boom! You hit it right on, Gomer. You’re right in the fact that before anything, hold a sustainable income over the next several months; preferably a year. Another good way to go is to land a part-time job where you can eek out enough to cover all your monthly expenses while you’re going after your dream job of selling product online. A third option is to enter a job or field that you like and go with it while building your full-time income in your own products. There are fun day jobs out there, I can attest! 

  5. Great post:)  I totally agree with you, in that for a majority of people, their great ideas remain just that…great ideas.  I decided to leave corporate America almost 12 years ago, and started a business doing what I love to do most.  I have never regretted it!  I only wish that I had known about Wealthy Affiliate back then!  Having a website up and rolling probably would have helped to build up my business at a much faster pace than word of mouth!  We only have this life to live, and it’s a shame that so many people spend their lives working for someone else, just waiting until retirement, in order to “start their lives.”  Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such an interesting and unique perspective!



    1. It’s frightening for the volume of people who allow their ideas to remain as such. Those of us who take action, however, thank ourselves in the long run when we see the fruits of our endless yet enjoyable labor pay off. There’s nothing to regret in the long-run and yes, I wish I discovered WA before October 2018. 

      One of my biggest goals in life is to speak to others about starting their own businesses and forging their own life paths, doing what they love and cherish over working a 9-5 gig (or worse) from now until retirement age. It’s just no way to live, but when we make a plan and work toward that plan, we’re fulfilling a purpose deep within us, on our own time, and it beats slaving away for corporate America. 

  6. As an affiliate marketer, it will be a great idea to market our product along side with the products of our affiliates. Some people are doing that  To blog,create content or do affiliate marketing may be easy but to advertise and make your products delivered to your customer might require extra care. I have been thinking about some niche that can market my product and get it monitized through purchase but I haven’t reached conclusion yet. I have ideas about fashion design , sport and gold. I always want to settle down with the easiest among them. Are those options still under niche?  


    1. I agree, Stella. Start with a product you’re passionate about and sell it along with affiliates. Gain as much knowledge in your product field as possible.

      For instance, I’m getting back into personal training along with my other endeavors and am looking to take it over both on and offline. Work as a trainer by selling myself, maybe train online as well, own a blog where I can entwine ads and affiliate products, and freelance in the field, too. 

      You have great ideas; if I were you I’d create separate niche sites for each. 

  7. This was a motivating read. A lot of people look at a very competitive marketplace as being “saturated,” but like you said it means that there’s money to be made there and people just have to work hard to get ahead of their competition. Way too many people get scared off about launching an online business of any kind, or creating their own products, but they just have to jump into it and keep going. 

    1. Hi, Nate. I think the supposed overly-saturated marketplace turns a lot of people off. But with my Lord of Columbia Series, I’m really only competing with books in that genre and sub-genre, which is only a couple thousand. The book market looks over-saturated, like most online markets, but once an individual narrows it down to their own respective niche, they will see a lot more opportunity open up, realizing competition isn’t as fierce as they once thought. 

  8. Todd,

    I have just begun to work online trying my hand at affiliate marketing.  This process is very simple to learn if you find the proper training that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.  I had wanted to do this for years, but the naysayers always would hold me back from trying to work online.  Telling me it does not work that the people who do online business have lots of money and so many other things that are all lies.

    Anyone who has a serious passion can work online and build a successful online business with proper training.  They must be patient doing the work and learning the skills required.  After that then proceed into the diversification of their online business to earn a passive income for years to come.

    Thank you for letting others know that this is available to help them start their own passion for online business,


    1. Hi, Susan. WA really simplifies the process and their training is impeccable. You’ll find a lot of naysayers, just as I have, but I’ve always asked those naysayers if a) they’ve ever attempted the affiliate marketing process and b) if so, did they give up after a few months. If they answered no to ‘a’ and yes to ‘b,’ they hold zero credibility. 

  9. Hi dear

    I like your post. I also like the idea of selling my own product. But I am passionate about fashion and I do not know how to design them? So, is there a way for me to sell my own products in woman fashion?

    I know that if I can sell my own products I can be able to make a bigger revenue. And I will be in control of my products and the fulfilment part too. I think it is also the best way to establish my brand and build trust with my clientele.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think there would be. You want to conduct research on how others got started in the industry, then go from there. These days, anything and everything is possible. Even if more competition exists, find the niche and narrow it as far down as you can go and you’ll find success. 

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