A Little Known Way for Authors to Earn Money at Home

Okay, so there are some awesome things coming up here at Ditch Corporate America, and for my authors wishing to earn money at home, this is an article for you. It always takes me a few months at times to see where I wanted to go in the make money online niche, and like I did a few months back with the Helmet and Jersey Stop, I decided to down-niche a little here, too.

My goal? To give writers the tools they need to Ditch Corporate America and leave the rat race for good, earning a full-time income as indie authors, or if you’re traditionally published and your books aren’t doing as well as you’d like, you might pick up on some valuable information here.

First, however, I want to address something:

Yes, yes, I know I’m quite the hypocrite, advising you all to post three to four times a week and I haven’t done anything on this blog for about two weeks, but rest assured, I didn’t forget about anyone.

No, far from it, far from it. In fact, I took the last two weeks to take a look at a few really cool products and it also gave me a bit of an idea where I want to take this blog, and again, my writing crew is going to get excited here, as for those looking to really earn a full-time income writing, most of these reviews are going to help you in that quest for greatness.

Or online success.

Like you know, becoming an authority in the writing niche.

Ain’t that sweet as hell or what?

Anyway, enough of the small talk, Todd, what was your excuse for your long absence?

Again, trying a few platforms in addition to Wealthy Affiliate, each of which will have a nice, little review for you here at Ditch Corporate America.

I’ve talked about joining Wealthy Affiliate numerous times, and yes, for those of you serious about getting discovered in Google rather than pry away on social media (social media famous is like being a pro football player playing in the arena leagues), as doing so will generate you far more web traffic than social media ever will.

So, to read my WA review, click here.


Product Reviews

What am I trying?

Your First Ten Thousand Readers by Mystery and Thriller author, Nick Stephenson, which I can’t wait to review once I go through each of the course’s modules. I’ll give you a hint: It’ll be in the Nice category. Loving the product right now and seeing results.

And also, I took a bit of a dive into Kindle Spy, so I definitely want to give you my honest review of the product there. Another hint: It’s also in the Nice category.

Stephenson, and Kindle Spy founder Wesley Atkins are some of the best known authorities in the indie-author industry today when it comes to author marketing, so again, for you writers out there, I have some awesome news.

Further, even if you’re a blogger looking to build an email list of returning customers, Stephenson’s course is most definitely for you and if you do put any type of e-book on Amazon, Wesley’s product is more than for you as well.

Let’s just say I’ve used Stephenson’s product for two weeks and already added another 100+ email subscribers.

Pretty sick, right?

I have a few others I want to review, but these two have been my main tools that I can’t wait to review for everyone.

You can read more about how to earn income via product reviews here.


The Helmet and Jersey—EXPLOSION!

Yes, so as my first year at Wealthy Affiliate reaches twilight status with just another month to go, I can’t wait to give you a one-year review of the program.

Spoiler: It’s also going into the Nice category.


Because by using WA, along with its Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy, both of which you can purchase through me for only $49/month, or $359/year, as well as a free Starter Membership to determine if this is the right platform for you, I have seen a nice, massive rate in click throughs not just from Bing, not just from Yahoo, but also from Google.

And honestly, is $49 a month too much to ask?

Hey, with Google being the big kid on the block, this is quite a freaking accomplishment and it looks like in the month of August, or at the very least the month of September, my twelfth month at Wealthy Affiliate, did the platform do exactly what it was designed to do—get me near the first page (and in many cases on the first page) of Google with hot search terms I could have only gotten through Jaaxy.

And Google is about to overtake Bing in my click-through rate.

Another dose of good news:

1. My affiliate links are also seeing click-throughs. Hey, when I’m seeing this number grow each day, it means people are interested in what I’m selling via affiliate links on the site: NFL gear!

2. Bounce rates are going low, low, low, low, low. Still higher than I would like, but about ten-percent lower in the last ten days. That’s a big jump, and that number’s continuing to shrink.

3. Longer average time spent on the site.

4. More traffic from the search engines than direct traffic, as well as increased traffic via social media through a nice, little plugin I like to use.

5. More page views and page visits per visitor, and that number is growing as well.

6. A small income is now trickling in via Google AdSense. Nothing to brag about, but a couple dollars here, couple dollars there is more than I was making in previous months.

I’ll have a lot of screenshots prepared for you here so you can get a visual as to what WA has done for me over the past year, and for $49/month, this valuable product is worth the price. If you’d rather save, go for the $359/year, because it’s less than a dollar a day to be on your way to change your life.

My in-depth review at the one-year mark will be up and running sooner than later, and I can’t wait to show off the fruits of my hard work and also what you can do one year from your situation today.


The Story

And I know I’ve hashed on my own, personal experience, but I will be telling the story at this next WA review once more. For those who’ve been here before know that I was a successful personal trainer during the formative years of my career, from age twenty-one to twenty-seven.

I flamed out at personal training, bouncing from club to club and never finding my niche in the market. Dejected, I quit my job without having another in place with about $4,700 dollars to my name back in July 2018.

I worked on a failed blog and getting my Lord of Columbia Series up and running, but saw nothing but a lot of work for free and little interest in anything. I kept losing about $1,000 per month, simply looking to stay afloat without having to move back in to my parents’ place.

In November 2018, about a month after I started at WA and found new life in the blogging arena, I was down to $440 to my name. I was twenty-seven, broke as hell, and at that point in the year, had made approximately $11,000, definitely nowhere near enough to live on.

Which was what piqued my interest at WA. But also out of desperation, I needed something to save me from total bankruptcy.

Enter a local Smart Post, which was hiring for seasonal. I was paid $12.80 an hour, with a one-dollar premium for getting my ass in there at six in the morning and opting for a full-time schedule, allowing me to make $13.80 an hour.

But after six weeks, the season ended, and I was back to working aimlessly on a blog called Get Pro Football Apparel, later known as the Helmet and Jersey Stop, and running out of ideas fast.

This was in January 2019, eight months before the writing of this post, when I had to then take a job at a local steel distribution warehouse I’ll call Ann Arbor Industrials. The place became my first ‘real permanent job’ in years since I was so used to personal training.

For the first time in my life, I had to do something I vowed I’d never do; put on a blue jumpsuit, a hardhat, and safety glasses, entering a warehouse with zero experience in what the hell I was supposed to do here.

Well, that kicked off some of the darkest days of my life, knowing I was here at this warehouse, going on twenty-eight years old with the last six years fading away as if they’d never happened. Gone was the success, my success, and arriving for many who had trained around me were entrepreneurial successes, which I’ll talk about with great detail in a later post.

And there I was, doing bitch work in a warehouse, earning sixteen dollars an hour to pull steel bars, get rust particles stuck in my respiratory system and Lord knows what the hell else. Sweating my ass off as winter turned into spring, spring into summer, arriving for work at two in the afternoon without a clue if I’d be there until ten at night or three in the morning.

Long, dark days, my friends, and yes, the story will be told again, as I love to update you all on my progress every couple of months just to show how much of a difference one year, just one year at a platform I never knew about, can change a life.



And I want the success I’ve had over the past year to become your success, because it’s like a friend told me one night before penning this article: Life is not supposed to be lived with one dreading to go to work, live paycheck to paycheck, pay taxes, and die.

It’s not what life is supposed to be an adventure. An experience. It’s supposed to be a journey, full of excitement, and a sense of giddiness for all of us every time another box is opened, another threshold is crossed, and another adventure begins.

That’s life. And while it’s full of challenges, it’s going to point you in the right direction. As Aslan once told Shasta (Prince Cor) in the Chronicles of Narnia, “I was the lion. I was the lion who forced you to join with Aravis. I was the cat who comforted you among the houses of the dead. I was the lion who drove the jackals from you while you slept.

“I was the lion who gave the Horses a new strength of fear for the last mile so you should reach King Lune in time. And I was the lion you do not remember, who pushed the boat in which you lay, a child near death, so that it came to shore where a man sat, wakeful at midnight, to receive you.”

In other words, our trials and even our misfortunes of the present, will lead us to greater fortunes.

As Shasta was nothing more than the supposed son of a poor fisherman, who later found out through such trials that he was the son of King Lune, and in time he ruled Archenland under his real name of King Cor.

And life began, but not life in a negative sense, but in a positive, adventurous one.

We’re here for eighty years if we’re lucky. Life is meant to be a grand experience. Our trials and even misfortunes lead us to such an experience. Keep pounding, my friends.


  1. You have had a long jouney, and I can see you are not done yet.  I agree with you — life should be a series of adventures, full of new experiences, new beginnings, and new lessons.  It is so exciting when you live that way.

    I wish you much success as you continue to build your home business.  The internet is so great for such purpose,because here we have access to the world.  That certainly gives us a large enough audience.  Hopefully you will rise to further success in the future.

    1. Life needs to be such a series or else it’ll get boring after a while. What drew me into internet marketing to begin with was the fact I can reach people literally from all corners of the globe,. 

  2. Hi Todd, I’ve been wondering what you have been up to.    Thanks for letting us know that you have’t forgotten about us or completely abandoned the website.   First off, congrats on the traffic that your helmet and jersey site has gotten.  If you ever run out of ideas, remember there is college football also.   

    Those of us from Texas are huge supporters of our favorite college football teams.   Granted, I have yet to become wealthy enough to be a big donor to my Alma maters football program yet.   Someday.   Maybe if I get back to my blogging and writing my own product reviews instead of reading about your product reviews; that someday will come sooner rather than later.   

    I hope you enjoy doing the product reviews that you are working on.  

    1. Definitely haven’t abandoned the site, that’s for sure, but with three different blogs it’s definitely a juggling act, so doing some research to get more product reviews here became my first priority. 

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