1. Very interesting life story Todd.  Lots of lessons learned and some of which I have to say are parallels to my own search in life.  It appears to me that your entrepreneurial spirit makes it nearly impossible to function your best in the corporate world.  The example that stands out to me is your approach to the Wealthy Affiliate project. I know with your tenacity and energy  you will succeed..in fact you already have based on your outlook for 2020 to 2021.  

    I think you’re definitely on the right path and you’ll strike gold very soon.  All the best to you as you soar toward your goals. 

    1. Thanks, Tim, and I think 2020 and 2021 are going to be a lot of fun. This time last year, and even when I started my journey here at WA, I was kind of downtrodden, broken-hearted, and literally in pleading mode for something to happen. I didn’t know what 2019 was going to hold. But here I am, just a few months later more confident and looking forward to the future rather than seeing a bleak light; I see a bright light. For those looking to begin their own affiliate journey, think of how far you’ll have come one year from now if you start today. Or three years from now. Maybe even five years. Ten years, the list goes on. 

  2. It sounds like you have done your best to take calculated risks… You don’t want to get stuck too long in something that obviously isn’t the right path, but you also want to make sure that you are making smart choices that will set you up for success. Mistakes are great learning opportunities when we allow ourselves to step back and learn from them. It sounds like you have learned quite a bit and are now poised to move forward. Wishing you all the best with your plans for the future!!

    1. Hi, Aly, definite risks and uncertainty, I can guarantee you that. And yes, I think the problem many people face is that they get stuck so long they just start to feel satisfied and complacent, which of course leads to one abandoning their goals altogether. Sad thing, really, but true all the way around. I have learned a ton in this last year alone and it makes me wonder what will happen in the future! Nothing but good things, I can assure you! 

  3. Wow! Quite the story, Todd and inspiring.

    Struggles, we all have them at some point don’t we and you have certainly had yours. The one thing that you have is that you got up one more time than you fell down and I think that’s the secret… keep getting up.

    Your advice about saying “Thanks” for the mistakes one has made is probably the hardest thing to do but, we/I must realize that without mistakes, there IS no growth. AS you said, it’s part of our human condition… we’re prone to making mistakes.

    Do you think WA was an instrumental part of your turn around?

    Thank you for telling us your story, Todd.  It’s good for us to see the struggles of others and how they overcame them.  It helps us realize that I/we can overcome ours too if we are willing to keep getting up when we get knocked down.

    Here’s to your success,

    Getting up one more time,


    1. Thanks, Wayne! And yes, the hardest thing we must accept for ourselves is that a) mistakes in any capacity are inevitable; they’re going to happen, but far too often they’re blessings wrapped in disguises. I want to say WA was instrumental, and in fact I have an article coming up to show my audience just how instrumental WA is and continues to be. The results I’ve been seeing recently have been more than remarkable and while I’m still a long way off, I’m light-years ahead of where I was. 

  4. Todd, it is very refreshing to hear honesty about rough times and decisions which could have been better.  Most people in your situation would have given up the first time things didn’t work out.  You on the other hand just kept learning and growing with forward and backward steps.  Amazing positive attitude and persistence!

    What inside you wouldn’t let you give up and made you keep trying?  You should bottle and sell that! 

    1. Hi, Steve, most would have given up and I know dozens who have thrown in the towel. I ask them why, and they blame circumstance. It’s everyone’s fault but their’s, according to them. That’s exactly why they’re in the situation to begin with and if they just ook personal responsibility and stayed the course, those temporary losses might become permanent wins. My Cleveland Browns went an “amazing” 1-31 before upping the ante to a near-.500 season in 2018. Here in 2019, they’re loaded and favorites to go a long way. We can all learn something from that. 

  5. Quite a story Todd. Your comments about taking responsibility for your own life are spot on. So many in our current culture want to blame their situation on anyone but themselves. 

    Glad to see you take the bull by the horns and do something to better yourself and your life situation. Life isn’t easy but if you persevere you will eventually make something work. You only fail when you stop trying. 

    I love you comment about being thankful for failure. You are so right. Failure is the best way to know you’re alive and trying new things – as long you you learn something from each failure you can welcome them as life experience. 

    WA has great training. If you stick with it – don’t try to do it too fast – don’t skip around – and be patient it will get traction.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Hi, Dave, so many people do just that and it’s one reason why even our political spectrum has gone the way it has on both sides of the equation. We’ve simply failed to accept personal responsibility for our decisions. Failure is a great teacher, too, and if anything should be a motivator rather than something that discourages us. 

  6. Hi Todd

    Thank you for sharing your account over the years. I was surprised when you mentioned you were the author of the Lord of Columbia! Not even thirty minutes ago, I subscribed to a blog website dedicated to Lord of Columbia and other fantasy books.

    I think it may be a sign to get and read your book! The article was fantastic! 

    I am also with WA, and I also use Jaxxy, and they are both excellent. I’m about to start my third month, most days I don’t know what I am doing, but there is always help! I think I am in the middle of a block, do you get those? I mean if you can write a book, a blog must be comfortable.

    Thanks again, Todd!

    Cheers, and take care of yourself!


    1. Yep, that’s my site, too, John. It’s more of a hybrid own products/affiliate site, dedicated to the series but more so to the influences behind it, which involves lots of real-life history, politics, and conspiracies, which I also write about over at Lord of Columbia as well. It gives the reader a solid idea on where I’m coming from. 

  7. Hi Todd,

    I feel lucky to come across your lovely website-DitchCorporateAmerica. It is a wonderful name which caught my eyes. I read this long a blog without taking a break, It is that engaging.

     You are tough, and a big risk-taker, a great learner from your mistakes. I admire that.

    I feel you are born to be a successful entrepreneur. I am sure I can probably never do this. But after reading your blog, I thought why not me if it is necessary because you have demonstrated. The road is already traveled.

    It is sticking around a little longer than you think to be successful. Hard work, taking the best decision at the moment and following through will help. 

    Once you recognize you are in the path failure because of your decision, quickly change the path but stay strong to follow up.

    Wish you all the best.

    1. A big thanks to you! Yes, risk-taking is something that drives everyone around me insane, but I wouldn’t have it any other way; it’s who I am and who I’ve become. I think you can go this route that I have, but it takes planning, a lot of it, which will lead to excellent rewards down the road. 

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