How Have Your Top New Year’s Resolutions Turned Out?

Every year in January, we all hear about the good old top New Year’s Resolutions taking place like lifestyle change and perhaps building one’s own online business is thrown in there too, especially in the age of social media. This is the year for X. As a personal trainer, you can guess that I heard this a lot from both gym members and prospective gym members. “New year, new me,” in other words.

And in January, I think all of us start out hot, but by August, the month in which I’m writing this article as every day keeps getting shorter as my sleeves start getting longer (Madden 08 rocked!), here we are, with something called the Holiday Season and ‘Waiting for Next Year’ mentalities plaguing the New Years Resolution crowd.

Seriously, like don’t people realize that in August, especially at the beginning of August, the year is just a little more than halfway over. In fact, come August 1st the year is only 58.3% of the way complete.


It makes me want to scream, “What the hell is wrong with you people?”

I think the NCAA and NFL seasons make the rest of the year go fast for those of us residing in the States, and it certainly does especially as the playoff race heats up in the chill of the northern hemisphere—you can so tell I prefer cooler weather to warmer, cool, gray overcasts for me with fog rising from the trees in the hills of the Greater Pittsburgh Area. I’m not exactly Snow Miser, but you get my gist.

Okay, enough rambling. You get my point. Why the hell are you throwing in the towel and waiting for next year when there are still five months left in the year?

Heck, why wait for next year in any case?

Want to know when I started at Wealthy Affiliate?

October 8th, 2018, 76.9% through the year.

Want to know when I first invested into First 10k Readers?

August 7th, 2019, or 60% through the year.

Want to know when I landed my first gig as a personal trainer?

September 18th, 2012, 71.5% through the year.

Want to know when I was at my leanest showing for a Men’s Physique contest?

October 12th, 2014, or 78.5% through the year.

Damn, that’s a hell of a lot of second half of the year accomplishments, Todd.

Thanks, because I’m bragging about my accomplishments to prove a point. Hey, at least I admit to it, right, unlike the other narcissists on social media “modestly” posting their accomplishments for their followers to see, like, and comment on.

Okay, enough about me. Today, I want to talk about you.


The Perpetual Cycle of Failure and Anger

Yeah, I have strange names for things. But what is this never-ending cycle of failure and anger?

Does it even exist?

No, not really. I’ve always said there’s no such thing as failure unless one has truly given up, so I could have given up on my dreams and ambitions, working a 40 to 50-hr week at Ann Arbor Industrials (think that’s what I called it in that one post), getting up, lazing around and resting before work, going to work, coming home, relaxing if I got home early enough go to bed, then repeat.

God, I’d be freaking miserable as hell—well, with my mindset I was, but to me, that would be failure. I could’ve thrown in the towel and said, “Nope, I have a steady job, steady hours, steady pay, and a steady retirement plan. Maybe it’s not exactly what I wanted, but I’ll settle, get complacent, and reminisce about the Glory Days (just sittin’ back, tryna recapture) as time slips away and I age back into dust.

That would be failure and eternal emotional torture I’d rather not suffer. And neither should you, which is why I’m writing (mainly bitching) in this nice, little article, but you can still learn a lot here.

Know what else I’d probably be doing?

Telling new employees how “great” my place of work is. Yeah, they use us for cheap labor; we all get paid the same, so you may as well put in just enough effort to squeak by, people don’t last here much longer than a few months, management has their favorites, upper management is horrendous, the other department gets away with stealing our work materials, the list never ends.

Failure and anger. Failure and anger, as well as thinking about what could’ve been every time I step into the place.

Doesn’t it go hand in hand?

Sure, there might be someone out there content with probable failure, but former NFL coach Paul Brown once said, “A winner never whines.”

So true.

But losers do, especially sore losers, who think it was circumstance, and not decision-making, that put them in the position they’re in. And it’s something I saw often in my stop at Ann Arbor Industrials. So, if you’re whining about anything, like dreading work the following day, you aren’t winning.

Heck, even the shift supervisor couldn’t wait to get out of the place at the end of the workday; and I was warned in my first week by others that the guy was just angry because he worked at Ann Arbor Industrials. Angry about his situation. Angry about his position within the company (shift supervisors are nothing more than middle management). Angry about having to stay over or pull orders if there weren’t enough people working the production shift. And especially angry that he had to supervise the production shift, because most of your errors occurred during production and before the company goes after the employee who made the error, they go after the supervisor first.

Not to mention the guy once owned businesses in the area.

Again, it goes hand in hand, and it’s something I saw in the gym all the time.


The Gym Conundrum—You Can Relate This to Online Marketing

As stated earlier in this article, it started in January, where everyone making a New Year’s Resolution steamrolled into the gym and the place was beyond packed, nuts, to be honest, with the aerobic room mobbed, cardio area packed, and weight room loud (ultra-loud if OG Pusha T [Raider Nation, Pepsi Guy, etc.] and his Accomplice were back there).

Two weeks into January, we’re still going strong, but there’s a tiny drop-off.

Valentine’s Day hits, and if it’s still snowing out, there’s still a bit of a dash into the gym. If Phil saw his shadow over in Punxy, the place was down to fifty-percent capacity unless you were the Treadmill Man or Underwear Man (seriously, and it took me a few to realize that the dude’s short shorts weren’t shorts at all).

Now it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and well, it’s back to the regulars and up to ten-percent of those who made the New Year’s Resolution.

And that’s a generous, generous estimate.

And now it’s August, where even some of the regulars dropped off and only the warriors—uh, cavaliers—remain. I’m not in the PC police, but us Cleveland sports fans never say that word. We’ll say Cavaliers instead.

And the same goes for the make money online niche. Hey, you join a platform and you’re all gung-ho excited. You can’t wait to dive in and get things started.

You create your website, go through some of the training, learn about keywords and SEO, as well as how to monetize your site and you continue to add content, product reviews, the works, until—

You go on vacation, a common occurrence in the gym conundrum, too. You get back from vacation and, well, kind of lapsed a bit until you hit a complete relapse. All of the sudden, you haven’t posted in a month. You haven’t done a single class, webinar, anything in a month. You haven’t even researched your niche since you went on vacation.

And just like that, you might start back up for a day, or at tops a week, here or there, before suddenly it’s August and—well, this year was a waste, you say.

What do you mean it was a waste?

What do you mean by stating, “This year sucked,” as so many do?

You may’ve started the year intending to better yourself, but you lapsed until suddenly you hit full relapse and then—nothing.

The year didn’t suck; you didn’t do anything to improve your situation. You did so at the beginning of the year, stating this was your year and you were taking the first steps to fire your boss at the job you currently work and are miserable in, but at the end of the day, at the end of the year, you stopped.


Imagine the Possibilities

Let me tell you something, back in October 2018, I had no job. I had no income. I was down to my last $1,200, and honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life before joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform, finally making the decision to become a blogger and earn money as a blogger.

And no, it’s not easy. I’ve had so many roadblocks between then and now I lost count. I had so many “what the hell am I doing” moments and moments where I just felt it would be best to throw in the towel and drone in Corporate America that I’d be a rich man right now if someone handed over a dollar for every time I either felt like giving up or felt like I was making no progress.

If going to the gym and changing your lifestyle was easy, America wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic. If making money online as a blogger was easy, no one would be droning in Corporate America and those in the corporate offices and warehouses would be hiring robots to do their work.

It’s not supposed to be easy. Nothing worth having is supposed to be easy. If it was easy, the value would go down and something else would take its place.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, worth having comes easy. Harsh? Of course? Real? Hell yeah.

But imagine you persevere for once through the trials and tribulations, embark on this hero’s journey in a manner of speaking and bam, find where you are one year from today. Making a full-time income as a blogger?

Probably not.

Closer to making a full-time income as a blogger than you were 365 days and 8,760 short hours ago?

Yeah, you’re way closer.

So why not get started, and why not have something to be proud of one year from today?


  1. Todd, this is spot on. 

    We love your honesty and incisive take at what is essentially a mindset problem. It’s easy for us to give up when the going gets tough and it seems like there’s no way we’ll succeed but the truth is, you only ever really fail the day you quit. 

    “A winner never whines.” is such a good thing to remember. 

    If you really want something, you go for it and if you hit a wall, then either demolish it or climb it but keep moving forward. Don’t give up.

    Thanks for this post. I love it.


    1. That’s the truth, too, Jade. I’m one of those bloggers that takes the ‘no holds barred’ approach, telling it like it is. It’ll make me allies and enemies, but at the end of the day I spent years churning my wheels. Even though I’m 28 years old, young in the eyes of many, I had churned wheels since 2007, so the fact I didn’t invest in changing for good until 2018 shows that I had wasted 11 years since my junior year of high school. 

  2. New year resolutions. Lol.  Everyone has them, even I did this year, some I could accomplish and some I couldn’t. I also have a really hard time with my boss too(sometimes) and guess what, I joined wealthy affiliate last month too.  just like you, it was already in the second half of the month. The ride has been good though I haven’t ditched my job finally yet but I know I will once I’m able to get good feet here. Great post Todd. Your sense of humour is top notch.

    1. Nice one, Henderson. It will take time to Ditch Corporate America, but consistency and continual learning plus investment (just a fact of life) will lead you to becoming what you’ve always wanted, and success is inevitable at that point. My humor can be flatout wrong at times, but I feel it’s well-received, haha!

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