Four Reasons You Should Escape Corporate America

Some might find us crazy for wanting to escape Corporate America, but those of us sane souls know that working our tails off in new-age indentured servitude isn’t living; it’s called dying a slow death while living a meaningless life.

See if the following questions relate to you. Are you:

Lacking hope in this day and age?

Hate your boss, the company you work for, timeclocks, screw overs, poor upper management, politics in the workplace?

You get that sick feeling when headed to work and that stressed feeling heading home?

You might want to say screw this rat race once and for all but you’re stuck at this job for reasons only you know. Maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to lose your sole income source. Damn, that’s a scary as hell thought.

But did anyone ever tell you there’s a way out?

In fact, it’s far more straightforward than one thinks and no, I’m not some scam artist about to tell you this undertaking’s easy or else I’ll be lying my head off. But I will tell you that it’s possible as hell to Ditch Corporate America and throw your soon-to-be old workplace the middle finger someday.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Bam! Bridge burned, but you don’t care because you don’t need them these days.

So, what are some awesome reasons to burn that bridge and Ditch Corporate America once and for all?

Well, let’s take a look below and if you find these reasons appealing, then why not start this journey today?


Fire Your Boss

Wouldn’t you love to storm into work one day and hand your boss their pink slip in front of your soon-to-be ex-co-workers? Well, in the age of the internet people are doing this every day, so hey, why not you?

Why can’t you start an online business where someday you’ll make enough dough to fire your boss?

There are so many cash flows waiting for you on the internet, like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, freelance writing, selling digital products or even physical products, the list is literally endless and continues to grow.

Do yourself a favor and start talking about what you love. Like, online.

Want to start talking about and promoting what you love?

Head over to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which is what I use, but before going over there, read my review on the subject.


Screw the Timeclock

Don’t you hate clocking in and being indentured to the timeclock five to six days a week?

Dude and Ladies, nothing is more annoying than slaving away for someone else and on someone else’s time.

Honestly, how many of us like clocking in?

Yeah, very few of us, unless you were conditioned from a young age the only way to earn a living was to get a job and make someone else rich while you scrapped the bottom of the barrel for pennies.

Do yourself a favor and start thinking outside the box. When you have the moment of epiphany, you’ll be ready to begin and question why you were ever subservient to a timeclock and company that would replace you in two seconds if you died tomorrow.


Earn Passive Income

What’s passive income?

Passive income is money you can literally make in your sleep, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred-sixty-five days a year.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t because you still have to put time and dedication, and when I say time and dedication, I mean you need to be treating this gig like a real job, not just a little side hustle you’re trying to create for yourself. Three clicks to cash doesn’t work and anyone telling you different is a conman.

So, create that product, or join that affiliate network. Learn how to start a blog, and damn it, start working toward making passive income for yourself.

Truth is, it’ll take about a year before you start to see a dent; a few months if you hit your keywords and learned SEO properly and fell into the right niche, but persistency means you’ll be yelling, “YOU’RE FIRED” to your boss and setting fire to that bridge most wouldn’t dare light a match on.


Make Yourself Rich

You have one life to live and you’re working in some normal job for working or middle-class compensation to make some CEO rich who probably has a few lodge buddies in Washington and further lodge buddies at the state level?

Come on, now, we live in an age where anyone, literally anyone, can get rich if they put their mind to it, an opportunity is better now than ever before.

So, why’re you wasting your time making those at the corporate offices, many of whom probably have spoiled brats for kids who will likely blow that money in the first place and tank at their job that they’ll get because of their name and status, rich?

These people are spoiled enough; it’s time to do yourself a favor and make yourself some hard-earned money your way, on your terms, for the long haul.

Again, in the age of the internet, you’re CRAZY thinking that you should work long-term for a company and make their already rich deep pocketed upper management rich. Start doing something you’re passionate in today.


Examples of Such

Promo for Neo Skyehawk

Yeah, you’re looking at one example here at Ditch Corporate America; I built this entire site on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and in the short time I’ve been here at WA, I’ve only seen my sites grow by the month.

But, while DCA is my hub, I have two other niche sites with one on the way; my hybrid Lord of Columbia Series blog is about my own book series, which are digital products I sell on Amazon and other major book retailers. I also talk about influences behind the stories, which I use books and other products to promote on the site as well via affiliate marketing.

Then, there’s the Helmet and Jersey Stop, where I talk about my obsession with NFL aesthetics, from helmet to jersey to logo history of all thirty-two NFL teams. It’s my original niche site that I started back in 2018 and has grown, sometimes in large numbers, ever since its humble beginnings as a .SiteRubix site.

So yeah, it’s kind of nice to talk about what I’m passionate about and it’s freaking awesome when one of my articles hits the first page on the Search Engines, which also helps with organic searches as well.

You can only lose in this endeavor if you let yourself. Setbacks will happen. Obstacles and road blocks arise, but if you have the heart of a lion looking to trample the serpent (that snake boss of yours), you’ll proceed and you’ll move mountains.

Remember the book ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go?’

You might want to give it a read, because that, my readers, is definitely what will happen to you when it comes to building your niche sites and internet marketing dynasty. Yeah, a freaking dynasty and a seat on the throne awaits, but all great Kings had their challengers and they triumphed.

So, why can’t you do the same?

Instead of saying, “Why me?”

It’s time to start saying, “Why not me?”

So do yourself a favor and fire that boss of yours, showing them that you don’t need their company anymore, and throw their benefits (bribes) back in their faces.


  1. Well said Todd,

    I quit the corporate world because I was abused by my boss who took everything that I had ever created, sold off my idea without giving me recognition, and acted like he’s the mastermind and it was killing me. He kept on pressuring me until one day I snapped and left but I later found out that being out from there and starting something you love, well that makes you appreciate life more.

    1. That’s what a friend and I were talking about last night; Corporations and companies usually go out of their way to screw their employees over, then they play the innocence card, wondering why no one wants to work for them. Well, this might be a reason why. And yeah, I had a boss like that as well; he had his favorites and abused everyone else, taking credit for other peoples’ accomplishments. 

  2. I quit my corporate job, see I didn’t particularly hate my boss and coworkers. It was the workplace politics that made me sick! So much that our daily operations ended up being sidelined by one useless dispute after the other. And then endless meetings to address the disputes.

    Oh how sweet the online business world! I don’t really like dealing with people on extended periods of time. So making money online is my best escape. 

    Thanks for the tips

    1. Workplace politics is the worst, but it can get even lower if some brat in there has a name that is familiar and lives off their family’s legacy. Nothing makes me sick so much as that. Thankfully, the online world is not only an outlet; it’s a way to shove our middle fingers in the faces of those who act this way and best yet, we no longer need them! We can leave those corporate-worshipping scumbags in the dirt and enjoy life in ways they won’t even dream of because they have their heads so far up their rear ends. 

  3. Great and very encouraging post Todd. I’m not American, I live in the UK, but I think it doesn’t matters where are you from you still don’t want to earn money for someone else when you can do it for yourself. Time is the most precious thing we have in life and we have to use it wisely. I don’t want to spend 1/3 rd of my life working for my boss and this post motivates me to keep working hard and make my online business work. There are so many opportunities out there, we just have to learn how to use them right. Thank you for sharing this great post.

    1. Very good point, Marius, and anyone in the world can benefit from what we have to say. We can literally earn money from anywhere and one of my dreams is to actually take my blogs with me and travel the world while they make money for me from all four corners of our blue marble!

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