Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? Here’s my Nine-Month Review of the System

How well does Wealthy Affiliate work? This is the question I think all of us who have tried and stuck with WA throughout thick and thin are asked time and again, especially as our websites gain authority over time.

And of course, we lap it up with reviews, reviews, and more reviews.

But there’s a flaw.

Far too often I see Wealthy Affiliate Reviews state the same thing; great program, here’s what you get, steal of a price, etc. Perhaps my own review came up short.

Fantastic, but to be honest I read dozens of reviews on WA on countless blogs but didn’t decide to really buckle down and buy the system until October 2018.

One of the main reasons I didn’t do so was because I didn’t see a single shred of evidence that the system actually worked. Sure, you can tell me you made this and you made that until you’re blue in the face, but at the same time, how am I to know you didn’t a) Make your accomplishments up on a Word document or b) use someone else’s results as your own.

People do this. Another thing they do is state they made a few thousand within the first few months. Yeah, maybe if they’re experienced in this entire endeavor it’s possible, but for an absolute rookie to sit there and say they just brought in $5,000 after four months at WA and here’s the screenshot to prove it almost always has me laughing.

Not saying that this doesn’t happen, because it can, and I’m not taking away from anyone who has made such accomplishments.

However, at the same time it does nothing but give people unrealistic expectations; you’re doing them a disservice for one, and for two, when most people are unable to make the same accomplishments in a few months they give up, believing they were destined to fail at this.

Way to steal a few months’ worth of cash via commissions, people.

But honestly, this is what happens far too often and these tourist con-artists’ luck will run out soon.


What Wealthy Affiliate Can Do

So, I decided to take the high ground and show you what nine months at WA can bring you: A Steady Growth in Web Traffic, as I’ve noticed via Google Analytics over the past two months.

Take a look for yourself:

I had my good days and bad days, but far more good than bad. But, keep in mind that a) I have been at WA for almost ten months at the time of me writing this article (July 26th, 2019) and b) Have been treating my blogs like they’re my real job, even if I’m not making a full-time living on them yet.

But I can say that time is coming for my first blog, The Helmet and Jersey Stop, whose traffic recently skyrocketed since the end of May.

Better yet, upon reviewing both Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, screenshots available in this article (real screenshots where you can actually see the site’s domain name as Get Pro Football Apparel) the jump has been between three and five-fold in terms of impressions in the Search Engines.

Pretty fantastic, right?


The Struggle Is Real

But again, this took me nine months, and nine months of work, sacrifice, and stretches of wondering ‘What the hell am I doing with my life.’

Especially given the fact I have a brother making $26 an hour working 40-50 hours a week and a cousin who works from home (no, he’s not an affiliate marketer) and literally tours both domestically and internationally. Then there’s me in my small, two-bedroom apartment where my only internet access is either the local library or my parents’ house, working full-time jobs here and there to save a few-months’ worth of income so I can pursue my ambitions.

The will to just cave in has occurred many times throughout, especially in the early days at The Helmet and Jersey Stop when I was working a seasonal Holiday job at a Smart Post twenty minutes from my apartment.

Oh, the life of the 28-year-old young entrepreneur. No internet. No cable. Lights off most of the time to save energy. One shower a day. Dishes done when I have no more room in the sink. And I’m down to my last set of contact lenses that I hope remain in good condition for the next year.

I remember during my training heyday between 2012 and 2016, expressing my ambitions to a client of mine who was in a similar situation as I put myself in after the Matthews Fitness Empire ended in 2017. He went on to own four companies and in 2016 took a plane ride to Florida and returned the same day with the deed to a brand new, customized Porsche.

Now, while you can’t take the hot rod to the afterlife, they’re fun to have here during our time on Earth. He went from eating bologna sandwiches daily to living the high life due to sacrifices made throughout his twenties and thirties.

While I do eat healthy, everything else is basically me trying to conserve, conserve, conserve. I even talked the government into allowing me to repay $100/month on my student loans to keep costs down.

Hey, when you’re an entrepreneur, nothing is easy and 40 hours a week is going to be the minimal time you put into this if you’re online. Perhaps you’re putting in more time, sixteen to eighteen-hour days when working offline.

But the extra high risk and hell you put yourself through is worth it when you start to see results, so since you’re here for actual results from me at my nine-month mark, I’m going to show you what I was able to accomplish in under a year.


Accomplishments at Wealthy Affiliate

As mentioned in previous articles, I did start the Helmet and Jersey Stop with a wide, wide, wide niche. My traffic was meh, and in March 2019 I buckled down and decided to narrow the niche to simply NFL helmets and jerseys; I know those of you who’ve been following me since Day One get tired of me rehashing some old hash, but I always write under the assumption that someone new is coming across my blog every single day.

So, after narrowing my niche, of course Google and Bing had to do some cleaning up as I deleted about forty articles and implemented my new idea to talk about the histories of helmets and jerseys while providing affiliate links for buyers within my articles.

Take a look at this screenshot from March 2019:

The result was slow at first, as expected, averaging between three and ten users a day between March and April, and the numbers remained pretty low in May before stagnating at certain times of the month.

Take a look:

Stagnation gave me hope, however, and the will to continue on and in early June, traffic picked up and dropped again, before steadily climbing, with the stagnation getting lower and lower, which really gave me more hope.

Things took a turn for the better in July, as I peaked one day at 66 users in a single day. Nothing to make me money, but it was a record, defeating my previous one of 48 users. Then last week, things really increased, and I set a record of 72 users in a single day, then a two-day record of 142 users in a two-day period, encompassing Friday and Saturday, respectively.

And at the time of this posting, things have continued on a positive track:

Again, nothing to brag about, as experienced affiliate marketers would scoff if they saw such numbers on their sites, but to me and my young Helmet and Jersey Stop, it was a massive step in the right direction and I mean a massive step.

Like, where am I going to be in 2020? 2021? This is the rookie season, and it makes for an interesting two, three, four seasons down the road.


Search Engine Magic

So, I logged onto Google Webmaster Tools, where just a couple months ago, I had seen 3.5 thousand impressions and a click through rate of 0.1% over the course of March, April, and May.

The number steadily climbed to where I had 10,000 thousand impressions in the three-month span of May, June, and July. Plus, my click through rate climbed to 0.4%. My website was gaining authority in the Google Search Engines.

Here’s a look of my last six months, from February to July, and notice the impression hike as well from June to July.

But still, it’s growing but growing up fast, like an infant entering their toddler years.

I logged onto Bing Webmaster Tools and took a look at what Bing and Yahoo were up to, and my impression rate climbed to four-figures a day, topping at 1,990 impressions in a single day with between 10 and 17 click throughs per day from the search engines.

Take a look at this screenshot:

As you can see from June to July, the Helmet and Jersey Stop made an insane leap in search engine traffic in just a single month, my eight month at WA to my ninth month at WA.

So, does WA help beginners or in my case, those who’ve seen setbacks in blogging in the past?

Yes, they do.

Without going through the training offered at WA, there’s no way in hell this would’ve happened. I know this because I have hosted three failed blogs in the past before buckling down and making the sound investment.

And falling short of WA is where most of my competition will stop. Seriously, if you want to help yourself, why not sign up for WA right this instant?

I’m going to take the high ground once more and go even further, because you guys deserve to know how WA helps you.

Speaking of Search Engine Magic, here are three screenshots from March through July. Notice the vast increase I received in search engine traffic within a five-month timespan.

March 2019


May 2019


July 2019



WA Training

WA offers top-notch training—fantastic, so what is this top-notch training?

You will learn how to implement SEO and keywords properly into your blog, which in time will help your site gain trust in the search engines. Again, this happens in time, so don’t think for a single second this will let you Ditch Corporate America any time soon. It took between eight and nine months for Google and Bing to really trust my blog.

Kyle and Carson are very clear on this as well: This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme, so if that’s what you’re looking for, leave my site and go get scammed on another platform that “promises” fast riches, because it isn’t possible.

What is possible, however, is to learn how to gain trust from the search engines, properly set up a site, write a blog post, and find relevant keywords through the Jaaxy platform. Such a system will end up making you money in time after you start to see your web traffic flow in at a constant rate; and it will, as long as you know how to win over readers with your work; but the best way to win over readers is to win over search engines, because they will put the most relevant and helpful articles in any capacity high in their rankings.


Wrapping it Up

You can clearly see that it takes the equivalent of a full-time job over here at WA to succeed; it’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme and it doesn’t claim to be. It won’t guarantee success, either, but it will help you get to where you need to go in terms of learning how to build and manage a blog.

It’s like they’re your personal trainers for blogging. In my personal training days, I could show a client how to succeed, but ultimately they had to put in the right amount of time, energy, and work to succeed. I could give them the best exercise program and make the most appropriate meal recommendations for them, but if they didn’t apply themselves, their chances of success grew slim.

Therefore, I can tell you how WA is helping me succeed in what I’m passionate in and will in time help me Ditch Corporate America for good. I can tell you that their training has helped me tremendously and that I learned more in nine months than I had in four years at a university combined.

I can also tell you that I continue to learn and apply new tricks every single day, but look at the key word: Apply. I can learn, learn, and learn all I want, but success will be hard to come by if I don’t apply what I learn. It’s my hope that you all will start applying what you learn both from me and hopefully you become a member of WA so they can help you build success too in the right manner.


  1. Wow!!

    I love your honesty!  I’ve seen those Wealthy Affiliate reviews that post screenshots of supposed proof that isn’t actual proof of anything specific because you don’t know what it’s a screenshot of and how they make this much after only six months and they hype people up to believe it’s easy.

    It is not easy to do affiliate marketing and blogging.  What those ‘fake reviews’ are doing are making people join Wealthy Affiliate and then they realize what it actually does and how much work before they might see some growth and they call ‘scam’.  I’ve seen the negative reviews on Wealthy Affiliate too, and almost all of them are from people who just don’t get affiliate marketing or understood it when they signed up.  Or they failed by quitting and can’t believe it’s because of their failure, not a service.

    The best coaching program in the world is only as good as the customer lets it be.  I could go to the best gymnastic coach ever and if I didn’t put the effort into it, and quit, it’s MY fault, not the coach. You can’t expect school or coaching or anything to work if you don’t at least put forth the effort into it. (I’m using your coaching metaphor)

    Thanks so much for sharing your progress on your football website with us!  It gives me hope that affiliate marketing is going to work for me too!  Seriously, thank you!

    1. I see it all the time, Jade, and while I’m sure some of these people are for real, most aren’t. They’re not only making things up and lying to their audience and potential subscribers, but are also conning them into believing that they can make a full-time income in a few months. As I said, this can be possible, but it probably won’t happen unless one dedicates a solid one to two years to the craft. And even then, it’s still an uphill climb to really earn a living. It’s a full-time job within itself. 

      And you’re absolutely right when it comes to coaching. I worked for years as a personal trainer and the clients that didn’t do so well were the ones who refused to change their lifestyle, only came to the gym when they had an appointment with me, or would no-show appointments, etc. I still had the finger pointed at me, despite their lack of commitment.

      And a definite big welcome. I’ve been shocked and pleased with my recent results and I know it’ll only go up from there. NFL uniform niche sites are rather obscure as well, so for those with more mainstream niches, there’s a lot of hope out there! 

  2. It was such a pleasure to read about all that you have been up to in just ten short months at Wealthy Affiliate! I became a member in Nov 2017 and mirrored your experiences, in terms of Google search engines trusting our websites. I appreciate how you showed you how your traffic slowly went up. This was the case for my niche website. I was jumping for joy when I received 70 people visiting my site in one day. I know that compared to others, that is nothing. But to me, it was the greatest thing ever. In fact, the week of July 4th, I had the most traffic ever- it went up 50%! Talk about motivation.

    It is so true that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich scheme. All of the necessary information is found within the platform. It is up to you to keep at it consistently. I have to say that so far, I have not made that much money, but I am motivated and will not stop until I achieve my goals. I have never worked so hard in my life on anything.

    If you had to pick one thing that helped you the most on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, what would it be? For me, it would have to be the Certification Courses. There is so much helpful information on website creation, SEO, how to find traffic, affiliate marketing tips, etc.

    Good luck to you and I hope that you too realize in all that you do!

    1. Definite motivation there. So many of us expect a quick fix without first putting long hours in and it simply doesn’t work that way. Not a single one of our endeavors ever will. Wealthy Affiliate will help lead you to your goals, but we have to put the time and effort in. If not, we’re wasting our time. 

      I’m actually with you on the Certification Courses. Without them, I would still be scrambling around for traffic. After going through the Online Entrepreneur Certification, I learned more in two short months than I had anywhere else. 

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