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Hey, I’m Todd Matthews and thank you for visiting Ditch Corporate America, where I show indie and traditional authors alike techniques they can use to leave Corporate America behind and instead, live the laptop lifestyle writing your favorite books from a living room, a library, a coffee shop – ironically I’ve never been a big fan of coffee shops, your favorite vacation destination, or even from outside your nation’s borders.

Sounds good, right?


So, at the time of this writing, it’s going on April 2020 and I’ll be in Month Sixteen of figuring this whole indie author thing out. I’m still very new to the game, still building a platform, and still working my way toward making a full-time living as a writer – not just an author, but a writer.

And I learned a lot already on this journey, having started four cool blogs, written four urban fantasies, plus a freebie story-in-cycle that you can grab on my author website and join my readers’ group so you can see how I communicate with my audience on a live basis, and most importantly, I’ve found different ways to reach readers.

Which is why I created Ditch Corporate America – to show you exactly what you need to do to reach readers, connect with other authors, reach out to book reviewers, etc.

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the past sixteen months:

*Books don’t sell themselves – you have to put your work out there. 

*Traffic doesn’t come to you – you have to direct it to you. 

*Most readers won’t leave reviews – bummer, huh? You have to ask for them. 

*Paid promotion and paid advertisement works. Free – not so much. 

*That there’s a massive shortcut you can take if this sounds overwhelming.

Yeah, that last one – what massive shortcut?

Well, I shouldn’t say massive shortcut – what I should’ve said was, “A fast track to getting you to where you need to be.”

It takes work, time, dedication, a lot of learning, but at the end of the day, it’s highly rewarding. And it’s where I learned to do all of the above – drive traffic, find avenues to sell your work that isn’t named Amazon, how to build a team of reviewers over the course of time, and how to drive the right traffic to you.

It’s something I discovered in October 2018 but it wasn’t until March 2019 did I create my author website on this platform and it wasn’t until late, late, late in the year did I start to really build a solid list of subscribers, along with a small review team and managed to generate reviews for my work.

But, I loved the trend so much that I went to work on it, leaving this website idle for a few months as I worked on my author brand through this platform called Wealthy Affiliate – you can read my review here.

While WA – it’s what I call it for short – is namely an affiliate marketing platform that teaches affiliate marketing – it’s also a great tool for us authors since we, well, have our own products. Better yet, we have our own electronic products – e-books, audiobooks, etc.

And you can use the same tactics they teach you here at WA.

It’s totally catapulted the blog I started back in October 2018 to the top of the Google search engines and soon, DCA (this site), and my author website will follow suit. Soon as in by the end of 2020.

And you can start, too.

Just click the link I shared above to read my review and you can get started with building a website for free at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. And if you’ve never built a legitimate site for free, don’t worry, all the training is provided over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t believe me?

Click this link, which will give you an in-depth look on how to build your author site absolutely for free. And if you’re a book reviewer, a book blogger, or an author who specializes in a specific niche, you can build and operate several future moneymakers, allowing you to Ditch Corporate America for good and make a living writing.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you on the inside.

Todd Matthews.


  1. A very nice overview of your journey so far Todd. I like it. You are completely right in many things you wrote. You have to work hard and show some dedication( like everywhere you are starting) until you can really see some results. As well that traffic won’t come to you, but you have to set up the weel on turning in order to drive to you. I haven’t got so many experiences with paid traffic or promotion yet, but I am thinking to start to do it, as there is apparently higher value awaiting. And as the last point, you are 100% right that WA, is the platform you should be aiming an online success. I wish you the best luck in achieving your dreamed life!!

    1. We definitely have to put in the work in order to drive the traffic our way. Sure, it’s going to be time-consuming but if we want to make a living from this we must treat it like a full-time job – even if we already have a job that holds us hostage 40-50 hours a week. 

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