#1 Way to Fire Your Boss: My Wealthy Affiliate University Experience

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If you hate your job and are looking for a fresh start, you’ve probably been researching a few items such as how to fire your boss, how to work from home, ways to work from home, be your own boss, etc. I get it, because I was there, myself. In March 2018, I stumbled across the Wealthy Affiliate University and neglected to buckle down and research the program until October 2018.

When I did research the program in October, I signed up for the free Starter Membership, test drove the program for a week, was sold from Day One, and ended up becoming a Premium Member.

But how did Wealthy Affiliate treat me?

Is it just another scam, like many make money online programs in existence these days or is it the real deal?

Hold tight, because I’m about to review to you the truth about Wealthy Affiliate.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

We’ll just call it WA for short, and before we dive into what WA is, it’s time for a brief history lesson.

WA was founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim on September 10th, 2005 as a keyword list site for internet marketers at $29.99/month.

By December 2006, Loudoun and Lim added their first forum before providing further training for internet marketers on how to maximize traffic to their websites by utilizing keywords.

In 2007, the duo launched SiteRubix, WA’s site hosting platform and grew the service well into 2008, before launching WA Premium in 2009.

They launched Live Chat in 2010 and released the Jaaxy keyword tool in May 2012 and the free Starter Membership followed a few months later in October.

They have since enabled domain transfer from other hosts, launched SiteComments, SiteDomain, and in January 2017, offered free SSL Certificate for Premium members and have since released SiteSpeed.

In one sentence, WA is a platform designed to help internet, especially affiliate, marketers from all walks of life earn a full-time living online via affiliate marketing. The platform will teach you how to utilize keywords to drive traffic to your site, as mentioned above. The old forums are still here, but in newer, improved methods, and each platform such as SiteRubix has been continually upgraded throughout its existence.


No Experience Needed?

Honestly, we can’t succeed in any endeavor without experience, right?

Or so we’ve been brainwashed into believing.

Some might think they need to have some tech, marketing, or computers background to succeed at WA.

I’m here to prove you false.

No, really, I’m totally living proof that the notion of needing experience or education in this field to succeed is false.

I have a degree in Wellness and Fitness and I’ve only taken one tech class which was back in high school because the curriculum forced it.

As for marketing?

Forget it.

So, I did have a blog up and running but the traffic never came.

After nine months of frustration, I cried to the universe for help, and along came hours of research and nothing but “proven” make money online systems that were layered. In other words, so many of these systems contained a start-up package for between $19-$49 that did nothing but hype the next upsell. Many times, the final upsell was something in the four-figures.


And to add icing on the cake, I didn’t even have income flowing in.

Yep, that’s right. No day job, no hope, no…nothing.

Except for a vision.

I was down to my last $800 and something had to change.

Finally, I found the honest review on yet another “proven” system, which at the end of the article, recommended WA.

Hey, didn’t I come across WA a few months prior?

Looks like the universe gave me a sign.

Or, did it?

Let’s find out if WA is worth the hype.


Pros of WA

I’m going to be short and sweet on this one. At WA, you get the following pros:

*It has been around for over a decade, something few make money online sites can claim. In other words, it’s stood the test of time since 2005. Pretty remarkable.

*Free Starter Membership to test drive the product before buying. No credit card required. When was the last time you read this regarding a make money online system?

*Two levels of training, the Online Entrepreneur Certification plus the Affiliate Bootcamp, which will show and tell you via text and video how to best utilize keywords for your chosen niche sites.

*Access to the WA community, many of whom have succeeded in developing six and even seven-figure businesses. Like, one dude made one-hundred grand in a week. Yes, you read that right. It’s not a typo.

*Live Training hosted either by Kyle and Carson, or by some more successful WA members. I call this an extension of the regular WA training offered.

*Two (50 with Premium membership) websites hosted on the SiteRubix platform. If you have a couple-dozen passions and niches, definitely take this route.

*REAL user testimonials. This one is HUGE, in my opinion.



Cons of WA

*Some regular training can be a bit dated. For instance, their training still contained insistence on signing up for a Google+ account even after Google+ announced its cessation.

*The site can be VERY confusing and tough to navigate initially. In fact, this was one reason why I avoided the place early on.

*SiteComments can attract low-quality users, though the founders have stated this has changed. The good news here is you can always disapprove irrelevant comments.

*Their ranking system can take away from one’s actual goal of creating an online business. For instance, the more you participate in the community, the higher your rank, but there is zero monetary incentive for achieving such a high rank and as mentioned, you’re taking time away from your initial goal.


Truth About WA

WA is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, so if you’re looking for a quick fix, WA is not for you. Kyle and Carson are very clear on this and will let you know upfront that WA is a commitment you must undertake over the course of several months to a couple years before you see the fruits of your labor generate.

But there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme in the internet marketing world, contrary to what the con artists trying to make a quick buck off their victims will claim. We’re not running a three-clicks-to-millions campaign here.

You need to have a work ethic and time allowance to succeed at WA.

Would I recommend WA?

For those who want to learn how to build and operate their own internet marketing business and realize the time investment needed, then most definitely. I will be the first one to tell you that within my initial two months as a Premium member, I learned more than I had the previous two years regarding internet marketing.

Again, that first blog took a nasty hit and sunk into the depths of the abyss because I thought I knew it all, but learned the hard way I knew nothing.


Verdict for Firing the Boss: Recommended



  1. This was a different and candid approach to a review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform that was quite effective. There are so many ways to fire the boss, and this is most certainly a good way to do it. As you say, it is not a get rich quick scheme, rather it is a full-blown platform that will provide you all the resources to get started properly with an online business.

    If the person applies the Wealthy Affiliate training principles in their daily tasks and overall plan, and does this regularly, over time they will succeed.  Many thousands already have, and this website has been around now for 14 or so years. They are solid and have a proven track record.

    As to the cons, they do not seem insurmountable and as with any business, you will face challenges as you establish and grow. This is not any different from a brick and mortar operation, so I see this as a cost of doing business (some stress, lots of work to get done, etc.). 

    Based on what I have read in your article on the number one way to fire the boss, namely using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to build an online business, I have to say that I am convinced anyone wanting to go down such a path should sign up and give it a shot. It is free for 7 days and not even a credit card is required. Thanks for your work putting this together!

    1. Big welcome, Dave! And yes, after reading some of the WA reviews I wanted to go out of my way to make something different and unique; to put my own spin on the subject. And though the platform can be an epic success to one’s life to the point they can fire their boss, it’s still work, and definitely not a get-rich-quick-scheme. 

  2. Glad I came across this Blog of yours to review. I can vouch for everything you stated about Wealthy Affiliate. Your review was honest and to the point. It was an education for me because you provided more details about the birth of WA than I had known. I had no idea that SiteRubix and Jaaxy were owned by WA. 

    I also got snagged by other establishments to teach me how to make money online for a low starting cost. But soon after, interviews were set up to assess my progress. They were really meant to pressure me to purchase a more expensive products. I ditched them. When someone found me to introduce WA, I was skeptical. My experience mirrored yours. In 4 months I have learned more than I ever have going it alone before, 

    You review of WA was handled brilliantly. Instead of coming right out and stating that was your intention, you got the visitors attention by the How To Fire Your Boss USING your WA Experience. I loved that. 

    I wish you much success in your ventures.

    1. And yes, I was skeptical initially as well, since every other platform I came across had an identical pitch. An initial cost, then upsell after upsell. Plus outlandish claims. WA never made any claims except that you will make it if you dedicate yourself, plus never upsells, despite the new features which I love. And yes, my mission is to get as many people to fire their bosses and let the world know why. It would be fulfilling to me! 

  3. WA came into my life when I was facing a major crossroad in my life. Continue to slave on a job that I passionately pursued in college and obligingly paid for, or ditch it for the unknown greener pasture. I found that WA can be used to elevate my career choices and also as a stepping stone into learning a completely new skill. 

    The pros of the program were evident from the day I joined – back in 2014 – and continue to be the main reasons I stayed on. Many features have been added over the years at no cost to the members, in fact even at a lower cost, if you considered the Black Friday deal. The cons are still there, but like anything else, they are just distractions that can be ignored. It’s not like they are in the way of building my online business. 

    The cost of the program and learning style fits my pace at the moment and until I am able to earn big time with my blog, I’ll be sticking to the teachings at WA.  

    1. I like what you pointed out here, Cathy, is that the new features come at no extra cost and yes, the Black Friday Deal comes at an even a lower cost, $299/year, which isn’t even $30/month. Less than a dollar a day for an all-in-one platform, one would be crazy not to invest. 

  4. Your website url says it all – exactly what you your goal is & what a reader is expecting to see on your site. Once on the site, there is no fluff or beating around the bush – you get straight to the point.  

    I wish I had come across a blog like yours 50 years ago – as I was going through the same corporate rut as you did leaving my house at 3:45 am and returning home at 6 pm at the earliest – many a times at 8pm.  Hated it but did not know any better.

    In your product reviews, I found it interesting that you rate them either Nice or Nasty – it is a unique approach to say the least.  I like your concept – a clear line of demarcation  – you recommend it or you don’t.  I appreciate your decisiveness.  When you think it in terms of a funnel – it makes total sense – anything that enters the hopper and does not fall out on the other end is a “reject” – period, no ifs, ands or buts!

    1. Big thanks for the awesome words! And yes, I’m looking to keep things to the point and easy for the reader. Most of all, I want to direct the reader toward honest product reviews that will save them time and frustration, my goal to get them to fire their boss as fast as possible and break free of corporatism’s chains. 

  5. Hi dear

    Wealthy affiliate gives me the opportunity to be my own boss, why would want someone else as boss?

    The trainings led me to establish myself as an affiliate marketer. It gave me the knowledge to become a serial entrepreneur online. Because I get the opportunity to create like 50 website with free hosting.

    Yes it takes work and time to get there but once it pays, the sky is the limit for you.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. The training is worth far more than the measly $49/month, and when follows it to a T, they will find success. I caution that this will take time, but when they see a breakthrough, they’ll thank themselves sure enough. I can’t wait to see how many success stories I can help create simply by sharing this review. 

  6. Everyone that has made use or is still making use of wealthy affiliate always have one thing or the other to say about the platform. While some only have negative things to say about the platform the good thing is that others have something positive to say about the platform.

    The fact is that we have all been made to believe that making money online is easy but the fact is that it is not and I am really happy that this was made clear in wealthy affiliate. To establish one’s self online and start making some really good money can take some time but a lot of people don’t have the patience and resolve to go through this process and instead going for programs that promise quick riches and then they end up losing their money.

    Wealthy affiliate is meant for those that know to succeed they would have to work and if that is their mindset then wealthy affiliate is there to offer the training they need to achieve this type of success. 

    A pretty awesome platform for anyone looking to build a successful business online.

    1. Hi, Jay. I’ve always been one to state that if others say negative things about the platform, they either didn’t want to succeed badly enough or wanted something to point the finger at when they didn’t succeed. They could’ve skipped the training, followed their own advice even if they were wrong, the list never ends. 

      You’re right. It takes work, time, some frustration, but persistently moving forward. When one is persistent and consistent, failure isn’t an option and success will follow. 

  7. It’s been about 3 years since I came across Wealthy Affiliate, and like you I took my time to research it pretty thoroughly before jumping in. My background is actually in marketing, but I still learnt so much about online business through the certification course. These are things I’ve never come across in any marketing text book, or through my previous marketing experience. In contrast I found the platform quite easy to navigate through, and liked the structure, but hey, we’re all different and will gravitate towards different ways of learning. Needless to say, I am still a premium member 3 years on, and have stopped being sucked into other online business promises on Facebook and websites. WA has given me the confidence that I know enough to make a go of it, and this is proving true. There are several points I agree with you on, the first being I gave up a long time ago with trying to improve my ranking within the community. I do other things offline, and just don’t have the time to pursue being an ambassador, but I don’t feel it matters to me, so that’s fine. You’re also right about the Comments facility attracting low quality user comments, but two things I would say about this is yes, don’t hesitate to decline a comment if it doesn’t add value, and it’s far easier than relying on organic traffic to get comments AND cheaper than paying for traffic. All in all, I really rate WA and I highly recommend people checking out the platform as a free account user to see what it’s all about.

    1. I like what you said about the site comments, as they will attract low-quality users who either copy and paste a generic comment or simply just leave a low-quality comment. It blows, but at the same time the founders, Kyle and Carson, are working to correct this issue and I have seen some improvement on that front. 

  8. Oh thank you Todd for reviewing Wealthy Affiliate. My friend has suggested me to take the courses in this platform, but I’m afraid it’s a scam to get rich quick. It’s good if they’re not. There aren’t any upsells after becoming paid member, right? Usually, how long a newbie like me can start to earn money online (assuming i followed their training thorougly). Thanks

    1. Hi, Al, that was my original fear as well. Is this yet another scam? Thankfully, no, but I did my due diligence last October, er, late September is when I really buckled down and researched the platform. The only “upsell” is that we have to buy our own domains, but it’s nothing more than $13-$16 per year so there’s zero dent. I want to err on caution and say it’s a process and it will be a few months, four if you’re lucky, but six to twelve is a fair estimate on how long it will take before one starts seeing some income flowing in. 

  9. Hey Todd, just wanted to stop and tell you, great job on this post! I actually joined up with Wealthy Affiliates, and I love it! You are absolutely right that it requires an actual commitment, no getting rich quick. However, I too have learned SO MUCH MORE than I would have ever learned on my own about online business, the community and platform are fantastic. It’s like a self-contained little college, without paying ridiculous tuitions.

    I really hope that more people start pushing WA out to the public, as there are way too many scammers out there preying on people’s desperation. Wealthy Affiliates definitely can give ANYONE the tools to get their own online business up and running. Even me, an ex-construction work from the backwoods!

    Thank you for taking the time to promote this platform, the world needs more Wealthy Affiliates in it!

    Good luck, and have an excellent day!


    1. Hi, Bobby, definitely not a get rich quick scheme by any means and there is a learning curve involved, but it blows anything I would’ve learned in a college classroom out of the water. And yes, save yourself some serious debt in the process! 

      And yes, there are far too many scammers and don’t worry, I want to expose every single one of them here at Ditch Corporate America while giving WA the attention it deserves. I can’t wait to see how many new WA users out there share their own story on how WA has changed their lives in a positive manner. 

  10. I have been looking for a non-biased review approach of Wealthy Affiliate and this review is definitely that. You have given a very thorough history lesson on the progress that Wealthy Affiliate has made over the years that other reviews do not. A time-tested platform that has made many members able to work from home and become their own boss. Some of these members you have mentioned have become quite wealthy.

    I know that this platform is not a get-rich-quick scheme since even the owners tell new members this from day one. Kinda like a marathon race versus a sprint. This is very refreshing since most other membership sites claiming to offer training just offer upsells of their system.  Over time the training they provide must be legit or else their platform would stop growing.

     How long would you estimate the average time it takes to build an online business and start earning an income?

    1. Very time tested, and almost fifteen years in the industry. Something that jumped out at me early was the fact Kyle and Carson were upfront about the work needed from Day One. I would say the average time it takes to build an online business for income depends on niche. 

      For this niche which is MMO, it’s competitive so the more one makes their website stand out from the others, the better off they’ll be in earning income within 6-12 months, but to reach full-time status it’ll take 12-24 months minimum. For my other niches, the same goes for my book products, which I’ve seen some income flow within my first month, but again, patience is required for full-time income. 

  11. Fire your boss? YES! Work from home? YES, Be your own Boss? YES..and yes to all those fantasies that I believe will soon become a reality for me.

    Truth is, online marketing has taken shape and I believe that it one of the main ‘employers’ after the economic crush down in almost all countries.The insecurities of being employed in a corporate world is just too much…today you are here, tomorrow you are fired.

    I have been inside Wealthy Affiliate for two months and I can attest that the knowledge and information provided inside there is out of this world. I also took time in diving in, but I realized that the more I delayed, the more I lost.
    I am now within Wealthy Affiliate and I don’t regret the choice I made.

    1. Way too many insecurities, Carol, I can tell you that. The fact that we’re all replaceable in the corporate world should be a real eye-opener to all of us and let’s face it, we’re a number to our bosses, especially when we work in big industries. 

      And I’m with you. I’m here in WA for the long haul and have never once regretted joining seven months ago. I’ve learned so much more and I continue to learn each day both from Kyle and Carson, and from the community here, many of whom are making six to seven-figure livings on WA. The key is to never give up. 

  12. I have been a WA member for over a year now and even though some of the things you mentioned like the comments or the Google+ disappearance are of course true, I still feel like WA has been the best investment in time and money i have ever done in my online marketing career. I would not be today where I am if I had not joined this wonderful community

    1. Hi, Barbara, by far the best investment. To be honest when I went to the ‘Cons’ part of this post, I was just picking nits. It goes to show how effective WA is when one utilizes it properly and displays patience. 

  13. I’m actually a WA member and I didn’t realize the history behind all of the great tools offered on the platform.  It was nice to see you put the tools and features to a timeline.  It goes to show that WA is an evolving platform and the founders are working to keep it ahead of the curve.

    Like you, I was hooked the day I started my free Starter membership.  I actually went Premium on day 3.  It’s been over a year and I don’t see myself leaving WA, ongoing training alone keeps me busy.  Kyle and Carson produce great trainings but I have to say the weekly Live Events that Jay produces are top-notch too!  I agree that some of the training can be outdated however the content is still relevant, it’s the video showing the older interface that gets people.

    WA went through a redesign, giving it a fresh new look but much of the training hasn’t been updated to include that new look so things like “go here and click on this” confuses people because “here” isn’t there any more and has moved elsewhere.  That said, a quick shout out to the WA community will get the person on the right track again.  In fact Marion’s very well done introduction to the WA interface is a great way to help someone out.  I can’t post a URL in this comment but look up Marion Black’s “Important Stuff at WA” training.  It’s worth the view.

    You’re right, WA is not a get rich quick scheme.  It’s a platform to help you build a successful online affiliate marketing business.  I’ve been here just over a year and have been seeing great strides in my online income sources.  Not enough for me to fire by boss, yet, but getting there.

    Thanks again,

    1. Something I want to do more is to get into the ongoing training once I find some time to carve out, but with my writing plus upkeeping on three blogs, time is getting tougher to come by, because some of these webinars and ongoing training sessions are just beyond the value we pay here. It’s truly a steal. And yes, WA is a process and not for those looking for the ‘easy way out.’ But, they will get to the point of firing their own boss and making their own full-time income via WA if they display commitment to the craft. 

  14. The WA website is kind of confusing, but you get used to it. And Kyle shows you where everything is in the training. I love it here at WA, and I’m not leaving, and I’m going to be successful, because I’m going to do whatever it takes. I hope it doesn’t take 2 years like you said, but if it does, it does. I’m just going to keep posting and learning. This is the place to fire your boss eventually lol! Great post!

    1. Yes, I was overwhelmed at first, myself, until Kyle showed me the way, so I must thank him for that. Don’t be discouraged if it takes two years because this is a process and it takes time to build credibility and authority in any niche. Just think, it takes four years to earn a Bachelor Degree and two years for most Associate Degrees. Always remember why you came here to WA and you’ll be committed for the long haul. 

  15. I am a current WA member, and I know you listed site comments as a con, and I guess some comments aren’t worthwhile, but honestly, I find the site comments to be a real pro in my business.  I think most of the people on the site leave very relevant comments and really try.  I don’t get a lot of irrelevant comments, just every once in a while someone with maybe not the best English skills or understanding will leave something I don’t get.  We can always edit the comments to correct them, though, so that’s pretty cool.  It’s a great way to get traffic to the site, to get comments on the posts and have people read our content.  I love Wealthy Affiliate.  You’re right, it’s not a get rich quick scheme by any means, but a legitimate way to build a great business.

    1. Hi, Babsie, I did list them as one just due to the complaints I’ve seen about low-quality commenters. However, as of this response 5/9/2019, I will state that the SiteComments platform has improved and there are fewer fraudulent users, so it’s becoming a plus. 

      And yes, for those whose first language isn’t English, I always give them a pass and simply edit the comment, but there are some you just know are fake, those stating they’ll ‘bookmark the page,’ or others who state ‘I never knew this product existed’ or those who praise a scam product! 

      And yes, SiteComments is a fantastic way for site traffic, which Google loves along with Bing and Yahoo, so it’s definitely something worth your time. I’ve always said to just be careful on what comments you’re approving. 

  16. Wow! Didn’t know this program is been around since 2005. The creators sound like they’ve done a phenomenal job with over 2 million members taking part in this platform.

    I have a domain name located somewhere else which I would like to move over. What is the process in that?

    I’m pretty amazed that they offer so much for free in their premium membership. Most of this information will run into thousands of dollars.

    I virtually have no experience of how to set up websites to keep them going. I’ve tried in the past, but it looks like maybe I will have to look into this platform to see what I can do.

    FREE caught my attention. Now I will have to research this program with a bit more in depth. You’ve already written quite a bit of information so thanks for the heads up.

    1. Hi, Jag, when I first researched WA I never knew this either. I knew it had been some time, but I thought it was around 2009-2010, so I was shocked when I saw 2005. You can buy the domain name here at WA for an entire year between $14-$16 and move it to the SiteRubix platform. Depending on your current host, you want to contact them to find out how to move the site from their platform to SiteRubix. 

  17. This was a great and inspiring read. It really made me feel OK that I’ve been so worried about WA possibly being a scam 🙂 at least I’m not the only one.

    I totally agree with just putting the head down and getting on with it.  I remember seeing this a few years back and not taking action (I was earning ZAR then – my husband was anyway as I couldn’t find work in SA) and the $$ were just too much to ask for as I knew that I wouldn’t get support from family or friends for something like this. It’s just to knuckle down and get it working and when I can say thanks and bye to the boss I’ll tell friends and family.

    I’m looking forward to enjoying the journey with all you wonderful people.

    1. Hi, Lee-Ann. I think a lot of us have come across scams in the past and wonder if WA is any different. I’m glad to have found out that WA is INDEED a different breed, along with other online outlets as well. What initially intrigued me about WA is the fact you can test drive the product before buying. With zero upsells and standing the test of time, it’s a no brainer for $49/month. Even cheaper if one pays up front for the year. 

  18. Dear Todd,

    To be honest 1000’s of people hate their regular job and want to work from home and be their own boss. I was on the top of the list.

    Since 2008, I tried a lot of make money online programs and products. Trust me I have read 100’s of sales pages and 1000’s testimonies. My dream is to work from home and be my own boss in order to achieve it I tried paid to click, ad posting, email reading, online surveys, Gpt, virtual assistant, data entry jobs, content writing, tele calling, captcha typing etc.,

    I lost nearly $4000 in trying different projects. In September 2016 I came across Wealthy Affiliate but trying to become my own boss for nearly 8+ years I was fed up and lost my hope. I finally wanted to give one last try, after doing one month research I joined WA on November 2016 but I was afraid and skeptical.

    To make it short…

    I am still with WA and since December 2017 I am a full-time Affiliate marketer and blogger working from home. This is not a fake testimonies you read often, this is the truth whether you believe it or not. There is no alternative for truth. The truth is WA training works.

    Much Success!


    1. That’s an inspiring one, Paul! It’s great to hear that you never gave up and continued searching for online success! There are many out there reading this and will look to you as a role model! 

  19. Hello Todd, I must say that Wealthy Affiliate is truly one of the best platforms to learn about affiliate marketing and online business. I can’t understand why there are people who think this is all about scam and fraud. What I think is that it is hard for people to take responsibility and work hard. Most people think that if it is online it means fast money but that is something impossible, let’s imagine if that is possible to earn nice money overnight lol

    I am with a wealthy affiliate for nearly 2 years and I am more than satisfied as that platform helped me to quit my daily job which is more than enough proof that it works.

    1. Hi, Daniel, I think a lot of us are cognitively conditioned into the mantra, “You need to work like hell for someone else to make a living in this world and anyone telling you different is a scam artist.” That’s how I was raised and have since managed to break that mindset. Instead, I conducted my own extensive research, confirmed WA’s legitimacy, and the rest has been (recent) history. 

  20. I can totally relate to you about how you came across Wealthy Affiliate. As for me, I was looking into reviews of an online transcription service and reached a site that gave an honest well researched review concerning it with verious testimonials. The site itself peaked my curiosity due to it being so transparant and after a while I found Wealthy Affiliate was their top recommendation. The review itself was MASSIVE and sold me before I even went onto Wealthy Affiliate.

    Now that I’ve been a member for a while I can really say that it is indeed the real deal and would recommend it to anyone who is prepared to put in constant work which pays off to give you a longterm sustainable passive income from home, though it’s definitely not a get rich quick service.

    1. I saw many of the same. Last October, I was searching for ways to earn income online and kept coming across WA in those reviews. I actually first heard about it in March 2018 but didn’t come across it again until I was facing a financial crisis in late-2018. And yes, it’s beyond the real deal! Not get rich quick, or even an income stream in your first few months, but for those willing to stick it out over the long-haul, big things happen. 

  21. I made a lot of mistakes online, buying shiny object after shiny object hoping to make a quick buck. At one point, it felt like I did nothing right during my entire stay online. In spite of that, there was one thing which I at least did right, and it was joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    With WA, I got the right expectations of starting and running a successful online business. I realized in this program that if I’m going to succeed online, it has to be through consistent effort and sheer determination. So hands down, Kyle & Carson did put up a strong foundation in this decade-old platform.

    Well to be honest, I still see plenty of flaws with Wealthy Affiliate despite being perfect in the eyes of many, which I believe is impossible to remove 100% (nothing is flawless in this world, you know)

    But for the sake of those who are getting started online, I’ll definitely give everyone a GO signal to try Wealthy Affiliate today!

    1. Yes, Kyle and Carson have done a fantastic job not only with the concept, but continual improvement of WA as time goes on. There are flaws, I agree, just as in anything. For instance, I’m still 50-50 on the new Affiliate Programs tab, as I’ve seen a few shady ones whose websites aren’t even secure, but then again, it’s a new concept. 

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